More Than A Free Throw: Betting on March Madness Odds

Audience noise lessens during a college or pro basketball game when someone is making a free throw. Intensity may be fueled by attendees who have a particular type of bet going on the game: over under, prop, spread or money line. The American Gaming Association estimates that during March Madness, $263 million are legally bet through Nevada sport books. Moreover, an estimated 70 million bets are placed in the U.S. on games during the March Madness schedule.

Types Of Betting
-Covering The Spread: This is defined as the minimum margin of victory for the favored team. This is expressed in a numeric fraction such as 5.5. The underdog, is the team not favored to win. If they do win or if the favored team fails to cover the spread, then the terms of the payout are changed accordingly.
-Money Line Betting: Payout is based on who wins the game. The team anticipated to win will payout less than the underdog.
-Over Under Betting: This is based on the number of combined points both teams score in the completed game.
-Prop Betting: This is based on variables such as quarter scores, player points, match ups, etc.

Got You Covered
The Website, offers forums, scoreboard, articles, schedules, and betting venues concerning NCAAB. Discussion concerning major conference and small conference contenders for March Madness is ongoing, as well as planning a weekend in Vegas either at the Conference Tournament, March 6-12, or booking a hotel room the first weekend of March Madness, March 16-19. It is suggested to seek a hotel venue through Hotel Match, or attend the Conference Tournament to save a small percentage.

Writer, Marc Meltzer, cites that the average price for a room in Vegas during March Madness is quoted on Expedia at about $200 a night. During Conference Tournament Week, when basketball games run morning until evening, the room rate is about $170 per night. Moreover, seats are easier to obtain, and the congestion is less. The important take-away is to plan online or in-person attendance and/or betting on March Madness odds now to avoid the crunch later. The above website is clearly labeled, self-explanatory, and fairly convenient to navigate. One can view the forums and varied viewpoints, so to inform their betting strategies and be as involved as they choose.

Lori Senecal: Her Appearance at the 3% Confrence and General Work History

At the time of its advent, the 3% Movement on PRNewsWire was all about increasing the number of female Creative Directors based in the United States, hence the name. It is through strong-minded female leaders such as Lori Senecal that the movement has managed to achieve this goal. Statistics show that women are involved in over 55% of social media sharing and influence over 80% of the current consumer spending in the region. It therefore made no sense having only 3% of women in US Creative Director positions. In a bid to up these figures, the movement came up with an annual 2-day conference where renowned female leaders give inspirational talks on AdAge. The movement also participates in business blogging, MiniCons, super-bowl tweet-ups, and offering scholarships to able female students.

Having proven herself in leadership positions throughout the course of her career, Lori Senecal was named as one of the speakers at the 2016 3% annual conference that took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom. She graced the event alongside other key leaders in the creative industry namely; Carter Murray (FCB Worldwide CEO), Colleen DeCourcy (Wieden+Kennedy Global Chief C.O), and Carla Harris (Morgan Stanley Managing Director). Her marvelous work record in her role as the over Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B was one of the key reasons for her call-up to the 3% movement on Prior to this,as of mid 2014, she worked as the MDC Partner Network CEO plus President. In 2009, she was the President, CEO, and a Partner at the Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. As early as 2003, she worked at the McCann World-group where she held some of the top positions in leadership including Global Director of Content Integration, as well as, the Global Chief Innovation Officer. Lori has also worked with several renowned companies such as Xbox, Nabisco, Staples, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Molson. Source: