The History of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a successful serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who is based in the United States. The businessman has achieved a lot in his career, and he has also been recognized in several platforms, especially for his noble causes in the society.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in a Teaneck, a city in New Jersey. The successful businessman spends most of his childhood days in this town. After graduating from high school, Eric went to the prestigious Harvard University where he studied American literature and English. He graduated from this university in the year 1984 after acquiring his first degree. Eric also studied computer science and environmental research at the same college.

After completing his college education, Eric Pulier was appointed to become the editor for an institution known as The Harvard Crimson. This was the school newspaper during this time, and its primary objective was to supply the students with information about the outside world. This position enabled him to acquire some experience.

Eric Pulier relocated to Los Angeles in the year 1991, abandoning his post as editor in the organization. He still resides in the state up to date. His first project, known as People Doing Things was very successful, and it was also established in this city. The organization specializes in addressing some of the common issues that affect human beings such as education, healthcare, and wellness.

Eric Pulier has also held several executive positions in some reputable organizations in the country. He was the founder and chief executive of an institution known as Digital Evolution, a company he sold later on. Pulier also co -founded an organization known as ServiceMesh.

Eric Pulier is a great supporter of noble causes in the society. Eric has given donations to some reputable non-profit making agencies in the country such as the X-Prize Foundation and several other. Eric is also a member of the board of directors. The successful businessman is believed to be behind a charitable organization that supplies clean drinking water to individuals who are less fortunate in the society. Pulier has partnered with several investors to make sure that the society is a better place for everyone.

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Equities First Holdings: Innovative Solutions in a Changing Financial Environment

Equities First Holdings is an innovative leader in the financial industry. More specifically, Equities First Holdings, a global lender, is a leader in alternative financing solutions for those who own stock. Recently, they’ve seen an increase in margin loans as well as loans based on stock. What’s the reason for this increase, and why is Equities First Holdings‘ idea so attractive?

Changing Markets

The financial climate isn’t what it used to be. With banks tightening their lending criteria, it’s hard for borrowers to find options that will allow them to raise the money they need quickly. This is especially true for those who don’t qualify for traditional credit-based loans. Considering this, it’s no surprise that equities lending has become such an attractive option for shareholders who need to raise capital.

Less Risk

Banks have not only tightened their lending criteria, they’ve also cut lending options and increased interest rates. While options do exist for the type of borrower mentioned above, following through with a traditional credit-based option can be stressful given that there is so much risk involved. That’s why Al Christy, Jr., the Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings, thought that collateralizing stocks would be a unique and inventive borrowing alternative for those needing working capital.”During a typical three-year loan term, market fluctuation is inevitable, but stock-based loans provide a hedge because the borrower is lowering his or her investment risk in a downside market,” said Christy.

As the financial market continues to evolve and change, it’s important for borrowers to have multiple options. While stock-based loans are still relatively new, they’re attractive to many people because of the fact that they don’t have to deal with the astronomical interest rates and major risk associated with credit-based loans.

What’s more, stock-based loans might be the only alternative for someone who doesn’t meet the strict qualifications most banks and financial institutions now place on those applying for a loan. Equities First Holdings is a leader in their field because of their ability to tap into this need and create innovative and progressive solutions for their client base.

Why Equities First?

Why Equities First?

Equities First Holdings has an incredibly talented team of representatives covering the United States, Australia, China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. They can literally accomplish any financial goal you and/or your company wants to achieve? Why and how do they do that?

Their motto is “We do One thing so you can do Anything.” Simple but effective and true.As the global leader in alternative finance solutions, their nine worldwide offices are ready to supply capital against publicly traded shares to help you meet your goals.

As a private company since 2002 they have completed more than 650 transactions to the satisfaction and appreciation of their wide base of personal and business customers through Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon and DBS Bank.

To learn more about their team members and Terms, Policies and Disclaimer please visit their website at . You will be able to view each team member and scroll through their contact pages.

Creating a global presence, Equities First Holdings (EFH) have the knowledge and resources to find you the funding you need at reasonable terms so you can conduct your business your way.

The benefits of working with EFH include:

Low Fixed Rates

Non-Recourse Loans

High Loan to Values

Fast, efficient processes Loans can be used for any purpose Buyer keeps all upside market appreciation and credit for dividends.Their US office is located in Indianapolis, IN at 10 W. Market St, Phone (317) 429-3500. You can easily find their other office locations on their website:Equities First on linkedin and their satellite offices as well.

For premium, personal and business financing EFH is the ideal solution to help you accomplish any business or personal task with experienced professionals right beside you. They will make the process simple and easy guiding you through your questions and detailed requirements. Let EFH help you with that special new business project, plan a family wedding or fund a college education, whatever you are considering.

Contact Equities First Holdings today by Email [email protected] or you may call them toll free at 1-866-507-9160. They are ready to help you do business your way.

Cancer Treatment Advancements at Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company whose foundation is based on rigorous research, scientific innovations, and drug development practices. The company has a passion for providing help to patients from its developed clinical and preclinical products. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall and has over the years showed its commitment towards developing cancer treatment options.

Clay Siegall co-founded the company and serves in the capacity of President, CEO, as well as Board Chairman. Siegall is a scientist, and one of his areas of focus include cancer therapies. He has been able to guide Seattle Genetics to its current position as a leader in developing antibody-based therapies for patients. In January 2013, he was appointed as a Board member to Mirna Therapeutics, a biotechnology company with its focus on microRNA therapeutics and cancer research.

Seattle Genetics has created the antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology, which significantly reduces the toxic effects associated with chemotherapy.  It involves different ADC programs including SGN-CD19A and SGN-CD33A. The SGN-CD33A program is applied for patients with acute myeloid leukemia while the latter is for non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients.

The company has also developed a complementary technology known as the Sugar-engineered antibody (SEA). This technology can be used to increase the effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies and can be used for solid tumors. Seattle Genetics is traded on Nasdaq Stock Market. Its current headquarters is in Bothell Washington.

Siegall has a passion for unmet medical needs especially in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. He has a doctorate in Genetics and a Bachelor in Zoology. His leadership has seen the company enter into several strategic licenses with different global companies including Addvie, Pfizer, Genentech (Roche), and GlaxoSmithKline. These licenses were for its ADC technology, which has generated over $300million for the company.

Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Siegall held different positions at the National Institute of Health, the Pharmaceutical Research Institute (Bristol-Myers Squibb), and the National Cancer Institute. He has demonstrated his leadership at Seattle by helping the company secure over $675 million in funding from the public as well as private organizations.

When Beauty requires a Pro

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished aesthetic plastic surgeon. One of the top-rated female plastic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Jennifer Walden combines the desire and love for aesthetic correction and appeal with a long list of highly skilled degrees and accomplishments.


Dr. Walden graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin, followed by graduating with honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She has received The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship given by the Kelsey-Seybold Foundation of Houston, The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation given by the American Medical Women’s Association, and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate, all extremely high honors in the medical field of plastic surgery and aesthetic techniques. Dr. Walden has excelled in her field in every possible direction.


In addition to these awards, Dr. Walden has been selected for the highly competitive, esteemed, and world-renowned fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, and has served as Program Director for the illustrious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship until her relocation back to Austin, Texas.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has also appeared in many publications, including Vogue, Bridal Guide, Woman, Style, Lifestyle, Cosmopolitan, PSP, Health, and Focus. She has been heard on Sirius Satellite Radio and Doctor Radio NYU, as well as appearing on Television on The Early Show, ABC News, and ABC 20/20.


Dr. Walden is beautiful, highly intellectual, warm and welcoming, and one of the most skilled female plastic surgeons in the world.

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Why You Need To Consult With White Shark Media

White Shark Media has been providing advertising services to businesses for a long time. The experienced team at this renowned firm comes highly recommended in the industry.


Many people often think of advertising agencies as handling big, costly advertising campaign for large brand names. That’s not always the case – they also cater to small and medium-sized businesses.


White Shark Media is well versed in PPC management and takes the time to educate the clients on what it takes achieve significant return on investment. They not only attain outstanding performance, they additionally make process, progress as well as resulting ROI easy for you to understand, validate as well as consistently report back to your business. They generally work directly with their client’s marketing supervisor or advertising


and marketing division – professionals that know from experience that successful PPC campaign management is a full-time work. And unless you have the time and expertise to handle your own PPC project, you won’t see success.


How they do the team at White Shark Media performs the job is complicated, dynamic and relentless. As a matter of fact, White Shark Media considers reporting to be a basic part of their client service, due to the fact that they recognize it is a crucial part of your task.


From setup to research to management and coverage, their technique to PPC is unlike any other. These experts start with an exhaustive assessment of your business and innovative keyword study that gives the structure for on-going refinement, optimization, reporting and analysis.


White Shark Media is fully committed to ensuring your success and has the top notch resources and skills to meet your business advertising needs. If there is any problem or complaint about the service, they take appropriate steps to resolve the matter right away.


White Shark Media treats clients with respect, and provide an acceptable solution to the client. In a situation where the client does not know what a good resolution would be, White Shark Media proposes one or more services to meet the customer’s needs.


It is about your business. And also it’s about the web, and also just how it is always transforming.


Whatever they do at White Shark Media is as dynamic as the internet is. They work together with their customers, as well as they continuously carry out better technology and also strategies to achieve customer goals.

Thor Halvorssen the Activist

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate. Thor is a Venezuelan who is also a film producer. He was born on 9th March 1979. Thor has contributions in the fields of public interest advocacy, pro-democracy advocacy, public policy, individual rights, and civil liberties. Thor founded the Oslo Freedom Forum which is termed as a spectacular festival for human rights. He is also the leader of the Human rights Foundation. This organization is committed to the human rights and freedom globally. Thor is the founder of Moving Picture Institute. He is the patron of Ob Own Feet which is a children’s peace movement based in Czech. He acquired Ny Tid which is the traditionally leftist Norwegian news magazine in May 2010.


Thor is currently producing the film adaptation of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” together with Bryan Singer. The New York Times has praised Thor’s work. His opinions have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, National Journal, and many others. He was born to Hilda Mendoza and Thor Halvorssen Hellum. He is Cristobal Mendoza’s relative. Thor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History which he got from the University of Pennsylvania.


Thor’s father was imprisoned for possible bank fraud and money laundering in 1993. Thor was a freshman from the University at that time. Thor led a campaign for the release of his father. He sought help from Amnesty International which joined hands with other organizations to issue protests. His father was later found innocent and released. He was appointed as a director of the Pan-American Committee of International Society for Human Rights after the release.


He lectures extensively on human rights including at the New York City Junto, Harvard Law School, and the American Enterprise Institute. Thor is the first Executive Director and CEO of FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). Thor is known for defending people on the left and right of political spectrum. He believes that there should be liberty of speech, opinion, and expression to have a free society.


The University of Pennsylvania honored Thor with the Sol Feinstone Award for protecting student speech. He was also presented with a presidential silver medal on behalf of those who fought and died for freedom. Thor has advocated and lobbied for the release of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political prisoner.

Securus Technologies Provides its Consumers with Yet Another Innovative Technology in Way of Video Visitation within the Correctional Institution

Securus Technologies continues to maintain its leadership role, in way of providing the Correctional Marketplace, with interesting technologies, devised specifically for the inmate and his or her family members and friends. The company, besides video visitation technology, provides solutions relative to that of public safety, criminal investigation activities, monitoring, and a good deal more. The company is now announcing a new campaign, featuring the benefits of its Video Visitation solution, inside of the correctional industry.


The company will proceed, with promotion of the new technology, by providing its viewing audience with a number of commercials, which demonstrate how the technology is appropriately used. The company’s CEO, Richard A. “Rick” Smith, stated in so many words, that Securus is able to connect 160,000 visits, monthly, making use of video technology. The family member can visit using his mobile phone, or sitting at his desktop. The newer version of a visit, replaces the old manual style of visitation. The newer offering, makes it possible, for the individual to visit with an inmate, without the need to drive to the jail. The commercials, clearly demonstrate the value connected to that of video visitation.


There are many heart-rendering occasions that Securus Technologies has been able to connect an inmate to a family member. One example, is where a son was able to connect with his Dad, during the period of the Holidays. Daughters have used the technology, in order to gain instruction and advice, from their incarcerated father, relative to a school-work assignment. Special occasions, present another area, where the use of video visitation has made a profound impact on a family and its incarcerated loved one. Family members and inmates have been able to enjoy birthdays, together, and to share other special occasions. An incarcerated member of the correctional system, by making use of video visitation technology, is afforded the opportunity, too, of watching his or her children grow up.


Persons, not in favor of the technology, have mentioned that Securus has some sort of influence, with regard to how the correctional facility makes use of the video visitation technology. The preceding information is not true. Securus has no control over how a correctional institution chooses to use the video visitation technology or its associative procedure, in the use of it. Additionally, a family member may still pay a visit to the jail, even if the video visitation technology, is still an option. However, when visiting remotely, the visitor may visit, more frequently, with the correctional institution member. He or she is not required to drive to the facility, in making use of the video visitation solution. Further, the video visitation solution, offered by Securus Technologies, is not only practical, it is a very safe and secure solution. The technology of video visitation continues to grow, yearly.

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The CEO of Securus, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, mentioned, that a person, possessing a negative view of video visitation, just does not understand the inconveniences, associated with confinement. Regardless, persons opting to visit their loved-ones, by way of video, are provided much, in the way of reducing costs—such as travel and parking. Also, checking into the correctional facility is yet another inconvenience.


Some persons, provide an inaccurate picture of video visitation technology, by representing it as some form of Chat or Skype. The preceding representation is simply inaccurate. When video visitation technology is used, there are associative functions and technologies which apply. The family member is required to register, and schedule a visit by means of an automated process. Additionally, video visitation, inside of the corrections marketplace, offers the user of it with technological features such as: scalability, security and stack.


Securus, as part of its series of commercials, is providing the consumer with the following statistics:


–There are 178 agencies, inside of the U.S., that offer a Securus video visitation solution;

–160,000 visits are connected on a monthly basis, and 2,000,000 visits, annually.

–110,000 visits are connected by means of a Mobile app;

–The average cost of a video visit is $2.72;

–The inmate’s family member is able to save approximately $100 per visit, making use of the technology, over and above a traditional visit or physical visit;

–232,000 downloads have occurred, pertinent to the video visitation solution.


As indicated above, using video visitation technology, the inmate’s family may communicate with him or her, during the Christmas Season. Too: a family member can share Thanksgiving with his incarcerated loved-one, remotely. The technology makes it possible for the inmate’s family to have more in the way of how he or she chooses to visit with the correctional institution resident. Securus, too, offers other technologies relative to the correctional facility industry.


Information About Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies calls home: Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3,450 public safety and law enforcement agencies, and correctional facilities, and 1,200,000 inmates, located throughout North America. The company provides the preceding agencies and persons with solutions, designed specifically for them. The technologies provided include incident management services, emergency response technologies, public information solutions, investigative technologies, biometric analysis, information management solutions, communications, inmate self-service solutions, and monitoring products.  Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters®.


Additional information, may be attained, by visiting the Securus site located at:


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Wikipedia Seeks To Prioritize Wiki Pages For Indigenous People

Wikipedia is on a mission to enhance its coverage of indigenous people. Any person is able to edit the site. However, Wikipedia has little content on the indigenous people. For instance, Esther Belin is a winner of the Pushcart Prize for her exceptional work as a poet and multimedia artist, yet Wikipedia does not have an article about her. Sherman Alexie, a bestselling author named her as one of his favorite poets. She is not the only Native American that does not have her work on Wikipedia. For this reason, the foundation that controls Wikipedia is inviting people to contribute towards creating more content about indigenous people.
In a Wikiconference North America, held in October, participants were invited to be part of an Indigenous People’s Day. The edit-a-thon event participants endeavored to create Wiki articles on Native Americans and other indigenous people. The organizers’ objective was to encourage people to write more articles about tribes, historical figures, and movements. They also aimed at creating new and noteworthy articles.

In a study conducted in 2015 on how editors represent cultures and places across the world, it was established that local users rarely work on projects about their culture. Researchers from the University of Oxford undertook the research. The representation in high- income countries was disproportional with broadband availability, which also influences the participation of an editor. Additionally, Wikipedia’s policies can hold back the creation of pages that have content on indigenous people. This information was originally reported on as explained on this link

The knowledgeable Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki make the process of creating a wiki page easy. Moreover, they provide endless benefits and opportunities for an individual or a business’ online presence. Professionals create such pages using accurate information. Additionally, Get Your Wiki provides consultations on the best practices of Wikipedia. Other services offered at the entity include Wikipedia monitoring services. Experts keep away malicious edits. They also offer Wikipedia translations. This information was originally published on Get Your Wiki as elaborated on the link below
The organization that manages Wikipedia has developed Objective Revision Evaluation Service, a new artificial intelligence tool for editing. It is meant to enhance creativity among Wikipedia’s large team of volunteer software builders. The tool solves two issues simultaneously. It solves the problem of damaging Wikipedia edits, particularly those that affect the credibility of the encyclopedia. It also addresses the issue of putting off new contributors that make bad edits though with good intentions. The model aims at identifying all types of damage. This information was originally mentioned on the Observer as highlighted in the following link

Adam Goldenberg, the Outstanding Businessman

Adam Goldenberg is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. He started his successful career when he was a very young boy. He once served as the youngest COO of a very popular publicly traded institution, where he performed all his duties well. Today, Adam Goldenberg is the co-CEO and co-founder of an organization known as JustFab. JustFab is the parent company to some of the most respected fashion brands in the United States, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, Fabkids, FL2, and JustFab.

Under the leadership of Goldenberg, JustFab has been very successful, giving employment opportunities to more than two thousand individuals. The brand has also reported more than six hundred and fifty million dollars since the year 2010. The institution is also considered to be one of the fastest growing fashion trends in the country.

Fabletics, one of the brands from JustFab specializes in athletic wear. The company is unique from all its competitors, and this is one of the reasons it has managed to do well. Fabletics offers extraordinary athleisure clothing to its loyal fans and clients in different parts of the globe. The brand was founded by one popular celebrity in the country, Kate Hudson, and since then, it has been on the rise.

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TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC
TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

The first line of the active wear was launched in October 2013. In just two years, it managed to win the hearts of many individuals who wanted to look good when exercising.

At first, the organization operated as an exclusive online retail shop, but it has managed to open several stores so that it can improve its services to the consumers. The clients can subscribe to receive the extraordinary clothing each month at a fixed price. The fashion brand of Adam Goldenberg has become very trendy and popular, and many people are now able to afford quality and fashionable active wear.

In the past, getting stylish activewear was a great challenge. The clothes were very rare, and they were very expensive for the middle-class individuals. However, Fabletics has made everything easy. Clients can now access bold, beautiful and colorful clothes that are comfortable for workouts and the office too. Every month, the individuals who have subscribed to the service get a brand new outfit delivered at their home, based on their styles and preferences.

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